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Nómadas Canarias

Explore the Canary Islands on wheels 

Welcome to Nómadas Canarias, a company dedicated to the rental of motorhomes and campers located in the wonderful Canary Islands.

Choose which landscape you want to wake up with every day!
Freedom to discover unique places and choose which landscape to wake up with every day!

On our website, you will find all the information you need about our services and rental options, as well as places to visit, tourist attractions and campsites in the Canary Islands.
Traveling in a motorhome is synonymous with traveling in freedom, being able to plan the itinerary with family, friends or going aimlessly. Quietly visit the monuments, beaches, nature or that special place…
You won’t have to pack and unpack your bags or depend on a schedule to keep. You can taste the typical specialty of each place or simply eat at “home”…
All you have to do is decide the course and the route, relaxed, without haste… and enjoy life.

Our vehicles

autocaravana integral pilote


From €140/day

Type: Integral motorhome

4 Travel and 4 Sleep

Manual transmission

camper sun living


From €110/day


4 Travel and 4 Sleep

Manual transmission

camper giotilline


From €110/day


4 Travel and 4 Sleep

Manual transmission

Rental Options

At Nómadas Canarias we offer flexible motorhome rental options to adapt to your needs and budget. Contact us for more information and book now to enjoy a unique experience in the Canary Islands. 

Rent per day

We have a daily rate with a minimum of 3 days or 7 days of rental, depending on the season, which allows you to enjoy the freedom of a motorhome without having to commit to a long period of time.

Long term rental

We offer a special rate for long-term rentals, which allows you to enjoy all the comforts of a motorhome for a long period and the freedom to travel around the Canary Islands.

Contact us for more information about our seasonal rates and/or special offers.

Plan your trip

Discover the best caravan routes around the Canary Islands

Don’t miss our summer offer!

Rent one of our motorhomes for a week and receive an additional day free.
That’s eight days for the price of seven!
This special offer is available for a limited time, so don’t wait any longer to book your caravan adventure in the beautiful Canary Islands.

Contact us for more information and book now!


Frequent questions

Do I need to have a special driver's license to rent and drive a caravan or camper?

No, all our campers and motorhomes are driven with the type B license since they all have M.M.A. less than 3,500 kg.

Can I rent a caravan or camper if I have never driven one before?

Yes, as long as you are over 25 years old and have a driving license for this type of vehicle for 2 years.

Can I pick up and deliver the motorhome / camper at an airport?

Yes, we have a pick-up and return service at the different airports, with charge. See conditions.

Is it mandatory to wear seat belts?

Yes, both in the cabin and in the passenger compartment.

Can I travel between the Canary Islands?

Yes, prior notification is allowed at the time of making the reservation. You can only circulate with the vehicle between the Canary Islands and spend the night only in the territory of the Canary Islands.

Can I camp everywhere?

No, you will be responsible for camping in the places authorized for it and you will be responsible before the competent authorities for non-compliance with this rule, however, you can spend the night in the appropriate places. http://acatenerife.org/lugares/

Can I park a motorhome anywhere?

Yes, as long as it is not expressly indicated otherwise.

Can I spend the night anywhere?

Anywhere as long as it complies with the regulations: Instruction 08/V-74 of the Ministry of the Interior, service areas for motorhomes or in a campsite. Note: Staying overnight is understood to park correctly within the limits of the car park and not have external elements such as chairs, tables, awnings, clothing, open windows, etc. You can download this official document from our blog in Instructionhttp://www.autocaravanastenerife.com/blog/dgt.pdf.

Where can the chemical toilet and gray water tanks be emptied from the water tank?

They can be unloaded only in the places indicated for that, such as campsites, motorhome service areas, service stations, etc.

What capacity are the water tanks?

Depending on each vehicle and the number of seats, they range between 100 and 120 liters

What happens if I get fined?

All fines and sanctions imposed during the term of the rental contract will be borne by the lessee. The vehicle will be used for normal use, not being able to transport more people than allowed, the lessee being expressly prohibited from using it for contests or races, transporting goods, pushing or towing any vehicle or object, assigning the use to third parties, helping criminals, driving the vehicle off the roads and driving under the influence of alcohol or drug intoxication. The lessee is obliged to respect traffic regulations. The latter is responsible for any sanction or fine that was imposed for violating the current provisions, reaching the same responsibility in the event that the vehicle was retained or seized due to his fault, running at his expense with all the expenses and damages of the leasing company, including the lost profits of the business during the time that the immobilization lasted.

What happens if there is a problem with the motorhome or camper during my trip?

You should contact immediately by the telephone numbers and emails of Nómadas Canarias.

In the event of any type of fortuitous accident that prevents the continuation of your trip, the contract is automatically terminated, so there is no right to any type of refund of the amount paid or of the remaining days of the rental.

How can I get technical or emergency assistance?

All our motorhomes and campers have full insurance with excess and roadside assistance.

What is the cruising speed of a motorhome/Camper?

The maximum speed allowed in Spain for this type of vehicle is 90 km/h on secondary roads and 110 km/h on dual carriageways and motorways.

Can you smoke inside the motorhomes or campers?

Complying with BOE-A-2010-20138 It is prohibited to smoke inside the motorhome or camping, also out of respect for the belongings and respect for the following clients who do not smoke. Failure to comply with this rule will entail the payment by the lessee of the expenses caused by the breach of said mandatory rule. If it is breached, it will carry a penalty of €150 for breach of contract.

Can I drive on dirt roads?

It is not allowed to put motorhomes or campers on tracks or dirt roads.