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Highway Driving Tips

Before starting the trip, check the dimensions of the vehicle and pay attention to the height, length and width, and familiarize yourself with the vehicle.

Pay special attention to roads with height/width limiters, tree branches, road signs, balconies, narrow streets.

The vehicle is long. For parking maneuvers, external help is necessary, do not rely only on the reversing camera, always ask the co-driver for help to get out and give yo

The rear axle is longer than that of a car, so it can be mounted on the sidewalk when maneuvering parallel to the curb of the street.

When taking the bike rack unfolded, remember that the motorhome increases almost 1 m more in length.

The maximum speed allowed in Spain for this type of vehicle is 90 km/h on secondary roads and 110 km/h on dual carriageways and motorways.