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Terms and Conditions

1. DRIVERS: The lessee and driver must be over 25 years of age and have a valid and unexpired Class B driver’s license for at least two years. The motorhome may not be removed by someone other than the lessee. It is mandatory to present the identification documents of both the lessee and the possible driver at the beginning of the rental.
2. PPAYMENTS AND DEPOSIT: The entire rental amount must be paid 20 days before the start of the rental. The deposit of €900 will be returned when it is verified that everything is in perfect condition, and the lessor can have 3 days for its correct verification from the return of the motorhome by the lessee. In the event of detecting breakages or damage due to misuse, the lessor will determine the amount to be deducted from the deposit and it will be returned once it is repaired.
3. CANCELLATION: In the event that the tenant cancels the reservation, the following penalties will be applied: * Before 30 days from the beginning of the rental, 30% of the total rental price will be paid. * Before 15 days from the start of the rental you will pay 50% of the total rental price. * Less than 15 days from the start of the rental will pay 100% of the total rental price. * It is advisable to take out the optional assistance and cancellation insurance.
4. FULL RISK INSURANCE WITH EXCESS OF €900 PER CLAIM. In case of discrepancies, both parties accept the criteria of the insurance company’s expert. The lessee accepts the additional collection of the insurance franchise in the event of a claim or franchises if there are several claims. If the accident is caused by a third party, the franchise will be returned to the acceptance of guilt by the opposing company, complete and sign the friendly accident report by both parties. Any accident that occurs must be notified to the lessor within the following 24 hours, otherwise, the lessee will be the result of what the insurance company decides and will reach its responsibility for the damages that the lessor company can bear as a result of the repair or retention of the vehicle. Civil liabilities arising from events or circumstances not contemplated as included in the policy will be the sole responsibility of the lessee. The insurance does not cover misuse or vandalism. As authorized by law, the lessor will not be responsible for damages or losses suffered by the lessee or third parties due to the use and operation of the vehicle, nor for the loss or theft of property left inside the vehicle. The lessee will take charge of the payment in case of breakage, fire or theft of the complements or extras.
5. CLEANING: The motorhome/camper is delivered completely clean and sanitized, both inside and outside and ready for use, and must be returned in the same state and with the gray water tanks, and W.C. empty chemicals. €100 will be deducted from the deposit for cleaning if necessary. For emptying the WC or gray water tank, an additional €50 will be charged each.
6. FINES AND PENALTIES: The vehicle will be used for normal use, not being able to transport more people than allowed, the lessee being expressly prohibited from using it for contests or races, transporting merchandise, pushing or towing any vehicle or object, assigning its use to third parties, help criminals, drive the vehicle off the roads and drive under the influence of alcohol or drug intoxication. The lessee is obliged to respect traffic regulations. The latter is responsible for any sanction or fine that was imposed for violating the current provisions, reaching the same responsibility in the event that the vehicle was withheld or seized due to his fault, running at his expense with all the expenses and damages of the leasing company, including the lost profits of the business during the time that the immobilization lasted.
7. USE AND DAMAGE: The lessee must take care of the leased goods, duly reading the instructions or use manuals delivered, responding to any deterioration derived from faulty, negligent or reckless driving. In case of breakage, damage or symptom of breakdown, the lessee must notify the lessor immediately. Failure to notify may affect delivery on time to the next tenant, so the landlord may demand the amount corresponding to 1 day of rent. The lessee must keep the vehicle keys in his possession.
8.The lessee will be in charge of always leaving the vehicle closed. All motorhome/camper windows and skylights must remain closed while the vehicle is in circulation (with the exception of the cabin). Insurance does not cover neglect.
9. You can only circulate with the vehicle in the Canary Islands and spend the night only in the territory of the Canary Islands. IT IS THEREFORE FORBIDDEN TO DEPART FROM THE CANARY ISLANDS or the GPS alarm will be activated. Entering the vehicle in an unauthorized area will be considered theft, theft of the vehicle, giving rise to police reports, and legal actions for theft, damages.

10. FUEL AND MAINTENANCE: The vehicle is delivered with the engine maintenance service performed. When the duration of the tour advises it, the lessee will carry out the necessary maintenance operations with prior authorization from the owner, at the expense of the lessor, who will reimburse the amount. The lessee will leave the fuel tank full on delivery, just as he picked it up. Otherwise, the difference in fuel filling will be invoiced with a charge of 20 euros for the filling service. The maintenance, oil change and other expenses correspond to the lessor, and the lessee is obliged to check the water and oil levels and the tire pressure every 1,000 km. For leases with mileage greater than 5,000 km. You should consult the maintenance conditions with the lessor. Any repair for an amount greater than €200 must be authorized by the lessor, who will return said amount to the lessee. Below this amount, the lessee may make the payment directly without permission from the lessor. In both cases, the presentation of an official invoice in the name of the landlord is necessary. Otherwise, no refund can be demanded. The vehicle is delivered with tires in perfect condition. In the event of a puncture or rupture of a tire during the rental period, the lessee will be responsible for said cost, without any possibility of claiming the reimbursement of said payment from the lessor.
11. DELIVERY, RETURN AND UNUSED PERIODS: The motorhomes are delivered in perfect working order, therefore, the breakage or malfunction of the vehicle during the rental will not give the right to any compensation. In the event of any type of fortuitous accident that prevents the continuation of your vacation, the contract terminates immediately, so there is no type of refund of the amount paid or of the remaining days of rental. If for reasons beyond the control of the lessor, such as breakdown, accidents or similar or force majeure, the motorhome cannot be delivered on the indicated day, the lessee, except for the deposit paid to the lessor, will not be entitled to any compensation. Any unused rental period will not be subject to any refund.
12. Jurisdiction for the resolution of differences derived from the interpretation or application of the conditions contained in this document, both parties submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the courts of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction.
13. SMOKING: Complying with BOE-A-2010-20138 It is forbidden to smoke inside the motorhome, also out of respect for the belongings and respect for the following clients who do not smoke. Failure to comply with this rule will entail the payment by the lessee of the expenses caused by the breach of said mandatory rule. If it is breached, it will carry a penalty of €150 for breach of contract.
14. ACCIDENTS OR BREAKDOWNS: In case of breakage of any element of the motorhome, breakdown or accident, the lessee must immediately notify the owner at the telephone numbers 686191627 or 669837679, WhatsApp, so that he, in his capacity as policyholder, can give timely part to the Insurance Company, in accordance with the conditions established in the corresponding insurance policy. In case of small damages, the lessee must anticipate the payment of the cost that will later be reimbursed. If the repair is greater than €90, the owner’s consent will be required in any case. In the event of an accident of any importance, a certificate will ALWAYS be requested by the competent authority from the insurance company, without this certificate the insurance company is not responsible.
15. CAMPING AREAS The lessee will be responsible for camping in the places enabled for it and will be responsible before the competent authorities for non-compliance with this rule, however, he can spend the night in the appropriate places.
16. STAYING THE OVERNIGHT: According to Instruction 08/V-74 of the Ministry of the Interior Note: Staying overnight is understood to be parking correctly within the limits of the car park and not having external elements such as chairs, tables, awnings, clothing, open windows, etc. This official document can be downloaded from our blog at Instruction http://www.autocaravanastenerife.com/blog/dgt.pdf.
17. AUTHORIZED PERSONS: The delivery sheet will list the persons authorized to travel and spend the night in the motorhome, only these are authorized and therefore the use by any person other than these is prohibited.